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Buying a Business Phone System
Shouldn't Be so Difficult,

Buying a Business Phone System
Shouldn't Be so Difficult,
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A New Communications System Can Help You,

When you're running a call center for sales, customer service, and tech support, quality is everything. From the audio quality of the phone connection to how satisfied your customers are at the end of the conversation. You've trained your team to be courteous, knowledgeable, and customize their service to the needs and desires of the customer but once they're actually making or taking calls, you have to rely on a combination of training and protocols to ensure that each and every customer encounter is enjoyable and productive.

Of course, in reality, no day is perfect. There will always be a few calls that include a problem too tough to solve, an unhappy customer who just won't be pleased, and even a few scammers willing to get abusive with your staff if they think it will get them something for free. This is exactly why call recording is such an important part of the industry. If you've been on the fence about using recording in your call center, let us reassure you with the top six advantages to this industry-standard practice.

Learning From Successes and Failures

While some calls can and will go south, it's important to remember that some are also overwhelmingly successful. In both situations, naturally, you want to learn how to avoid mistakes and increase your number of successes. With call recording, you can analyze the best and worst examples of sales or customer service, then use these real-world situations to build better training materials or just play them for the team so everyone can learn first-hand what works and what doesn't.

Perfecting Your Call Quality

Even in perfectly routine calls where everything goes well, there are always little ways to improve your sales or customer service technique. When calls are recorded, you can analyze hundreds of 'average' calls to identify what can be improved about each encounter. This will help you do things like improve the script for the entire team, set more helpful policies, and prepare your team to handle certain situations that may habitually trip them up. Without call recording, you have no material to work with and simply have to guess at how to improve.

Researching Better Tech Support Solutions

If your customer support call center deals with technical issues, as most due, some of the complaints may need to be worked on by your core IT, programming, or development team. Recorded calls about real technical problems that could not be resolved quickly by the phone agent can be shot over to the correct department where real solutions can be found. This information can be returned with a 'fixed the bug' report or suggestions on how your team can solve customer problems like those recorded in the future.

Liability Protection

Then, of course, every business has to deal with the risk of being sued for liability claims. When this happens, every scrap of evidence about the interactions between the company and the customer matter a great deal. If the customer got abusive with a support agent, for instance, or revealed contradictory information during a call, this can be used to protect the entire company from a liability suit. Especially if the claim includes accusations of customer service mismanagement.

Continuous Customer Relationships

Ending our list on a lighter note, one truly helpful way to use call recording for your sales or customer service teams is to create continuous customer relationships. Recorded calls can be transcribed and kept in the CRM so that your agents can look up previous conversations with the customer they're dealing with to see what issues they've had in the past, if they have a history of trouble with the call center, and how they have been dealt with successfully in the past. Being remembered by a company is one of the most rewarding types of customer experience there is and with call recording, you can make sure that you never forget someone's previous conversations with your company.

Call recording isn't just part of 'the standard package' for a company phone system, it's a vital part of any call center to both increase the quality of your customer relationships and to protect your staff from false claims and liability suits. Whether you're a big call center for a major corporation or a small customer support team working in a startup, call recording is helpful in any business environment. For more business IT tips, contact us today!