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Buying a Business Phone System
Shouldn't Be so Difficult,

Buying a Business Phone System
Shouldn't Be so Difficult,
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  3. Improve Customer Service
  4. Gain Competitive Advantage
A New Communications System Can Help You,

Cloud and mobile computing technologies have vastly changed the way businesses communicate, especially, over the last few years as VoIP systems have become the preferred choice for businesses vs. PBX phone systems. This is verified as VoIP adoption trends are projected to grow, while PBX markets are shrinking year over year.

The reasons for these trends are apparent when businesses examine the expanded features and lower costs VoIP systems offer; improvements with Internet connectivity and E911 capabilities have made full adoption possible as well.

When it comes to choosing a VoIP service to partner with, there a number of services to choose from; in this regard, let's discuss 3 reasons for small businesses to use Allworx VoIP solutions.

Comprehensive Standard and Advanced Features

While the technical details for VoIP services can get a little overwhelming for the average small business to understand, Allworx makes things simple by focusing first on providing the essentials with these standard features:

  • Auto Attendants
  • Unlimited Call Routes
  • Voice-to-Email
  • Seven Presence Settings
  • My Allworx Manager
  • Secure (HTTPS) Web Administration
  • Remote IP Phone Support

For some small businesses these features may very well be all they need; if not, Allworx has all the tools needed to reach optimal unified communications. Here are their advanced software options:

  • Voice conference
  • Analytics
  • Mobility
  • Desktop Voice Integration
  • Skype for Business and Outlook
  • Call Center
  • Multi-Site Support
  • Dual Language Support
  • Security and Data Backup

Mobility is likely the most popular option small businesses will want to include, yet all of these great options are available for businesses to use, in order to streamline their communications and forge ahead in the modern business world.

Designed and Engineered for SMBs

Since Allworx's humble beginnings in 2003, this group of former engineering consultants for blue-chip clients created a VoIP product, specifically, designed and engineered for SMBs.

Small businesses are better off using a VoIP service that can offer them the time and support needed, rather than a VoIP service geared towards enterprise clients that can't. Business phone systems are integral for continuity in day-to-day workflow, which is why ongoing support that values their business and can give them the time needed is vital.

This doesn't mean Allworx's VoIP systems are inferior when it comes to the quality of services offered, rather it means their business model is geared toward offering SMBs what they need and want, rather than investing in the infrastructure needed to attract enterprise level clients. This also means Allworx can offer VoIP services at the lowest rates around.

Great Mobile Solutions

One of the best attributes of VoIP phone systems is its cloud and mobile computing capabilities. Allworx offers small businesses great mobile solutions with their Reach™ and Reach Link™ advanced software options.

Essentially, these solutions give businesses the ability to use their tablets and smartphones just like they were in the office using their IP phones and computers. Calls going out and coming in will show the business's phone number; My Allworx Manager, presence settings, voice-to-email, and other features can be accessed from mobile devices; calls can be routed to remote mobile devices, and more.

Allworx Reach Link™ additionally ensures a smooth connection from 4G to wi-fi without interruption, and when no data is available and brief network interruptions occur, the other party will hear an automated explanation of what's going on.

Choose Right the First Time

Instead of choosing the most popular VoIP service or the one that offers the cheapest plans, small businesses should consider the holistic benefits of choosing a VoIP service. After all, business communications are a vital aspect of day-to-day business, which means getting along with the people that run and support the service is key to productivity and reducing stress levels.

The last thing small businesses want is to cycle through multiple VoIP services until they find the right one; why not choose the right one the first time? The 3 reasons we've discussed should help small businesses know which VoIP service to check out first. If interested in learning more please contact us today.