The Practical Benefits of an Allworx VoIP Communication System

Get with the times!

VoIP telephony systems provide what small businesses need in the modern day to excel. Besides the more obvious improvements regarding call quality or call connections, one of the prominent standouts for making the switch is the decrease in costs that become available with VoIP telephony systems by offering affordable long-distance calls, and no additional fees per-call across the web. 

Along with these inherent benefits, what does the Allworx VoIP Phone System provide, exclusively, that puts it ahead of the competition in a practical manner?


Allworx gives you the ability to:

  • Make or receive calls like you're in the office, via your mobile phone or tablet 
  • Access parked call, call-history, and call into ongoing telephone conferences
  • Update your presence and status
  • See who's available/search through your companies directory


Front desk receptionists, call center agents, sales professionals; many professions benefit from the desktop options which allows for:

  • Easy, sleek customization
  • Simple call-handling with one click
  • Access to system users and contacts
  • Call recording options and the ability to integrate with third-party apps

Call Center

Enjoy the benefits of big business even if you're a small startup with the Allworx call center, featuring:

  • Four styles of call distribution:
    • Linear priority: Distribute calls via your custom list of prioritized agents
    • Round-robin: Distribute calls via a circular manner to agents 
    • Longest idle: Distribute calls based on length of idle time for agents
    • Ring all: This rings all agents in the queue at once
  • Several queue management features
  • In-depth supervisor features
  • Modern-day agent features for utmost productivity

Multi-Site Support

Allworx continues its big business for any business features with the versatility of multi-site support:

  • Global access across all platforms
  • Cost savings with the elimination of long-distance frees and local charges
  • Shared staffing across several sites
  • Disaster recovery; allowing re-routing of calls during a natural disaster. 

And more! 

Allworx VoIP Phone Systems features several more functions for what your business may require, big or small. Allworx agents pride themselves on their problem-solving efforts, adaptability, and versatility in an effort to keep up its pristine customer satisfaction reputation.

Please contact us today for further information on acquiring an Allworx telephony system, or give us a call at 603-889-5925