Buying a Business Phone System
Shouldn't Be so Difficult,

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Buying a Business Phone System
Shouldn't Be so Difficult,

Buying a Business Phone System
Shouldn't Be so Difficult,
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3 Ways to Improve Communications Between Field Reps and Customers

3 Ways to Improve Communications Between Field Reps and Customers communications technology for your sales team

Every time one of your employees is going to go meet with a potential customer, they're taking on the role of a field representative. It doesn't matter if it's a presentation meeting to meet a B2B client or if you're going to sell products and services at another's business's venue. It also includes technicians whenever they're going to inspect a foundation line, survey landscaping, or do the initial scoping for an invoice.

These meetings require a lot of communication before, during, and after, and technology plays a large role in that. Here are three ways to make the communication smoother and use tools to keep those potential customers happier:

1. Have a fast chatbot for easy answers.

Whether your co-workers are at an initial appointment to discuss your company's services, collecting specifications, or actually providing the service, there are going to be questions they don't have the answers to. Enable a mobile device with an internal chatbot that can help them get the answers quickly.

While it's okay to have lingering questions and reach back out to the customer, it's better to answer all of their questions on-site. Not only does that make your company look better, it reduces the risk that they'll turn to another company. For jobs with recurring customers, make sure you can access their back-end account information and get the ball rolling.

2. Fill out orders and invoices on the spot.

Tablets make sales possible no matter where the meeting is. If you're in a service industry that travels to remote sites, it's important to cut down on the back and forth between the central office, the employee, and the customer. More and more prospective customers are also shopping for estimates before they pick a provider.

If your company arranges the sales-making process to handle the survey, the consultation, and the estimate process in a single meeting, that's good communication. It gives everyone documentation, and it tells the customer you know what you're doing. With the right tools, your field reps can email the invoice to the customer while still talking to them. That removes the friction point of waiting for them to call you back, because you can schedule the start date sooner.

3. Use Slack with the central office for delay alerts and better remote communication.

Unfortunately, it can seem like customers are just waiting for problems when a field rep or technician is headed their way. They might not like the answers or having a stranger in their home. And they certainly don't like waiting, especially if you have to give them a window instead of a specific time.

Reduce the possibility of getting off on the wrong foot by making sure your traveling employees are constantly plugged into the central office. With a quick communication tool like Slack, people can quickly communicate if there's a delay, if a delivery truck breaks down, or if they're going to be working at a previous appointment for longer than expected.

That lets your office either send out a different team or let the inconvenienced customer know as soon as possible through a personalized call or message. Customers would rather be informed as soon as a delay is likely. If an appointment was scheduled for 4:00, even having someone in the office call them at 3:59 is better than the customer calling you at 4:10.

Sales happen when there's good communication. That doesn't just mean between your company and the customer. It also means you need good communication in your sales team and between departments. That takes solid processes, fast technology, and adaptable apps and portals. Contact us here for the tools and tips to make it happen.