Buying a Business Phone System
Shouldn't Be so Difficult,

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Buying a Business Phone System
Shouldn't Be so Difficult,

Buying a Business Phone System
Shouldn't Be so Difficult,
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Communications Trends for Small Business: New and Evolving Technologies to Consider

Properly communicating is absolutely essential in the more competitive business times we're living in. Just in the last five years, communications technology has taken a flying leap forward into areas that initially seemed so far away.

Now tools like VoIP to chat bots continue to change how we communicate among employees and customers.

Many of these continue to evolve as well, including some new things this year you might want to think about using. As a small business owner, all of these digital communications tools help you stay competitive in a time when you need to stay on top of everything.

Here's some recent trends and how each of these technologies continue to evolve and bring new products.

Softphone Evolution

One type of communication technology that continues to show the integration between internet and telephony is softphones. These remove all need to use physical phones by connecting phone service to software.

As a branch-off of Voice Over Internet Protocol technology (VoIP), softphones continue becoming popular in many workplaces. You'll need a good interface for your softphone to bring easy reading and control.

These become more cost-efficient every year, and they continue to provide convenience in being able to make a call off a desktop or laptop with ease.

Social Media Evolution

Being able to communicate in real-time is more prominent than ever with social media. Thanks to live streaming tools like Facebook Live and Periscope, it's made communication and marketing all the more efficient.

It also easier to start conversations than ever with prospects through hashtag searches. Even if you feel tepid about using social media in the workplace, private messaging and privacy filters allow for internal communications among your employees.

When your work depends on staying in the loop with the world, places like Twitter help keep you connected within a digital metropolis.

How Slack Improved Workplace Communication

Finding decent software integrating communication internally isn't always easy to come by. If social media can help this to some degree, a platform called Slack takes things even further.

When Slack came along, it helped bring more organized and accessible digital conversations when working on critical business projects. Even better is Slack simplifies the technology so it has a fast learning curve.

For remote offices and remote teams, it's taken communication to a new place, if just one option of many.

Chat Bots

The rise of Artificial Intelligence is now fully upon us, and you're seeing this present itself most effectively through chat bots. With a chat bot, you can set up a live chat portal with a customer and help them through a task with AI.

These digital assistants do a lot of the same things real humans can do, helping to cut down on customer service workloads.

Recent statistics show messaging apps employing chat bot technology now exceed social media for communication by far.

VoIP Evolution

If you're still sitting on the fence about VoIP technology, it's time to take it on based on the affordable cost and compactness. You can finally dump those landline phones you've had to use for years.

Once you switch to VoIP, you'll realize the money you're going to save since you won't have maintenance costs on physical phones. VoIP works strictly through your existing internet line, with your only concern being how fast your current provider is.

VoIP now offers new telephony features like voicemail to email where you can read or hear your messages while on the go. Follow me via mobile is another great feature to forward all business calls to your mobile device.

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